Pegorino crime family
Organizational information

Santino Marzoli

Also known as

Marzoli Syndicate (During Prohibition)
Alderney Mob

Led by

James Pegorino

Notable members

Around 40 made
approzimately 200 associates


La Cosa Nostra family


Alderney City


Drug Trafficking
Illegal Gambling
Labor Racketeering
Money Laundering
Contract Murder
Pier Thefts
Armed Robbery
Waste Management


Honker's Gentleman's Club

Chronological and political information


Circa 1917 (origins)
Circa 1953 (seperate family)

The Pegorino crime family is an organized crime family that controls organized crime activities in Tudor, Alderney & Alderney City. It is part of the La Cosa Nostra tradition but is not a member on the Commission due to conflict with other families in the "alliance.". Its illicit activities include construction, building and cement violations; drug trafficking; extortion; fencing; fraud; illegal gambling; hijacking; labor racketeering; loansharking; money laundering; murder; and pier thefts. ]


The seminal members for what would later become the Pegorino crime family would began with a network of freelancing Italian-American bootleggers and Black Hand extortionists. Amongst these figures, Santino Marzoli would come to be recognized as the first boss of the "Alderney Mob". Marzoli became a natural leader within the criminal underworld, consolidating power in Alderney City. His empire would gain it's strength by forming alliance with Alderney politicians, local police chiefs, and generally presenting himself as a beneficial community figure.

Upon his death, his former right-hand, Vittorio DeLuca, would take control of Marzoli's organization. While still small compared to the larger families of Liberty City, the organization held a relatively tight grip on Alderney City. However, the Gambetti crime family would be making moves to attain rackets in Alderney. They established a crew based in Tudor, and at the helm was Anthony Pegorino, a charismatic and well respected captain in the outfit.

During the years of 1941-1949, the two factions would conflict with one another, until the death of Deluca in 1949 at the hands of the "Pegorino faction." At this point, the remaining members of DeLuca's organization were given an ultimatum and coerced into being absorbed into he crew over the years.

Before the mid-fifties, what would become the Pegorino crime family was nothing more than a subservient crew under the Gambetti crime family. Under, Anthony Pegorino the crew became an autonomous crime family, cutting ties with their parent organization. This resulted in a 3-year long war between the two, in which a compromise and treaty was made between the groups.


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  • 1917-1937: Santino Marzoli - Black Hand extortionist-turned-bootlegger whom rallied local criminals during Prohibition
  • 1937-1949: Vittorio DeLuca - Santino's right-hand whom took over his operation upon death
  • 1949-1985: Anthony Pegorino - Gambetti backed crew-boss sent to Tudor
    • 1979-1985: John Matteo - Acting Boss during Pegorino's incarceration.
  • 1985-1994: Gianluca Moretti - Street Boss who seized power following Pegorino's death
  • 1994-present: James Pegorino




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Vito Menotti