The Northern Garden primarily became a German neighborhood during the massive Central European immigration of the late 1840's. It stayed this way for decades, until the wake of the Great Potato famine, in which the area was invaded by Irish immigrants. It was then that the Gradens were primarily known as a Irish-American neighborhood (with moderate Jewish, Italian, and Polish) up until World War II when the ethnic groups were joined by the arrival of Puerto Rican


Today Irish-Americans make up the majority of any other ethnic group, with Italians having a recognizable prescence int eh neighborhood. 55 percent of the neighborhood is made up of Americans of Irish ancestry or foreign-born Irish from the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Italian Americans make up about a 17 percent stake in the neighborhood. With Latino's making a 23 percent stake, with Puerto Ricans and Dominicans representing a large portion. The rest are a mixture of Bangladeshis, Albanians, West Indians (especially Guyanese), West Africans (especially Ghanaians)

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