Fortside Drug Crew
Organizational information

Peter DiMeo & John Costa

Also known as

DiMeo Connection (by the Lupisellas)

Led by

John Costa (Figurehead)
Tony Lucadello (1999-2001)

Notable members

Tony Lucadello
Francis Matteo
Vincent Costa


Drug Cartel



  • Drug Trafficking
Chronological and political information


Summer of 1994


Sometime in mid-2001


Lupisella crime family

The Fortside Drug Crew were a group of Lupisella associates, whom dominated the drug trade in Bohan for a brief while in the mid-to-late 90's. It was ruled by a group of childhood friends who grew up in Bohan's Lil' Italy. While no one was truly the leader, John Costa was the "figurehead" of the group due to his close relationship to Peter DiMeo, whose crew backed the operations of the group in exchange for regular tribute.

After the incarceration of John Costa. The crew was managed for a short time by Tony Lucadello under the guidance of John's former mentor. It wasn't until the death of Peter DiMeo that it began to fall apart. During this time, the crews operations were wrestled away from the Lupisella family, by the very thugs under the employ of the Italian-American gangsters. During this time, the Puerto-Ricans in the crew, whom were situated more-so in South Bohan that Fortside began to run the operation that had grown weak over time.

Elizabeta Torres, girlfriend of Tony Lucadello's third in command after Frankie Matteo, took the reigns of the operation into late 2003 following her boyfriends demise. Under her the operation boomed once again until it came to be known as the Torres Cartel