Fortside is a neighborhood in Liberty City, located in West Bohan. Applejack Street is the primary throughfare in the neighborhood.


Fortside was preodminantly a Jewish-American enclave from the 1930's til the mid-1950's. During this time most Italians settled on Applejack Street in the heart of Fortside. In the 1960 however, a mass of Puerto Rican immigrants settled in the area as the Jewish element began to subside. White flight over the next 20 years, resulted in Fortside becoming a mostly Hispanic neighborhood.

During the Yugoslav Wars, a sizeable amount of Albanian immigrants (largely from Kosovo) moved to the area, mainly settling in the former "Little Italy of the Bronx", where a moderate amount of Italians and some Puerto Ricans still lived.

Today the neighborhood, is know for being a volatile ethnic melting pot of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Italians and Albanians as well as the influence of the Lupisella crime family.


Fortside has an approximate population of 92,000 residents. A majority are Hispanic of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, constituting 40 percent of the population of Fortside. Albahnians make up around 25 percent, as do Italian centered in Applejack Street. And around 17 percent are African-Americans. The rest are Italian-American or other Western European ethnicities.

In Fortside, Puerto Ricans remain the dominant Hispanic ethnic group, heavily concentrated on Switch Street, with Dominican being close behind and Mexicans having the lowest numbers amongst the ethnic group. Albanians and longstanding Italians make up the majority of Applejack Street.

Applejack StreetEdit

Applejack Street has long been known, as the "Little Italy of Bohan" during it's formative years. Today, there is still an Italian-American presence in the area, as most of the shops are still owned by Italians. However, the neighborhood is majority Puerto Rican and Dominican with a large Albanian and longstanding Italian-American population as well. Since the 60's the Hispanic population has grown, but most business; the delies, cafee, bakeries, fish market, and Italian merchants; still have a financial and cultural hold on the area.

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